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About UKN

The University of Kang Ning (UKN) was established in 2011 under the leadership of a brand new board of trustees consisting of ambitious Taiwanese educators, with the aim of promoting and improving higher education in southern Taiwan in the 21st century. Departments within UKN are currently organized into three colleges: the College of Management, the College of Humanities & Information, and the College of Health & Leisure.

The name “Kang Ning” comes from Shu-jing, one of the Five Classics of Confucianism, and means “health and peace”. The educational ideal of UKN combines “green” (environmental-friendly) and “orange” (humanity-oriented) industries. With its close proximity to the Tainan Science Park, the Tainan Industrial Science Park, and the research center of National Cheng Kung University, UKN not only offers a rich environment for education and research, but is also ideally situated to develop student internship programs and opportunities for careers in a wide range of fields.

In accordance with the educational ideals above, the school aims to:

1. Fulfill the university’s general educational objectives and implement “holistic education”: We focus on strengthening the connection between basic academic abilities, general education, and other educational activities. Holistic education aims to nurture healthy, whole, curious persons, and recognizes the innate potential of every student for intelligent, creative, systemic thinking.

2. Raise the quality of teaching and research through the application of e-learning, the integration of an interdisciplinary curriculum, the use of teaching assistants, the promotion of educational internationalization, and the development of teacher professionalism.

3. Highly emphasize students’ employment competitiveness: The school aimes to cultivate students with multiple professional skills through a well-designed curriculum and encouragement to attain professional licenses and certifications.

4. To strengthen humanistic activities and creative vision: UKN is a school with a humanistic spirit. All colleges have well-designed the artistic activities.

Although UKN is still in the early stages of its development, every aspect of planning is guided by the principle of aiming for excellence in every detail, from the arrangement of core curricular courses to the recruitment of academic staff. At present, a great deal of energy is being directed toward the development and expansion of each of the three colleges, and the planning of new buildings and facilities.